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Office, Home, Car, Caravan, Boat, ANYWHERE

“Sanitation at your Doorstep” – using the Sanity System, O3 Hygiene has become a Sanity Point Authorized Dealer, offering a Sanitation Service for business and Households – One-off visits or Service Agreement

This system is currently being used by Government Agencies and Large Companies. O3 Hygiene are providing a cost-efficient service for the SME sector as well as providing for large business’s

Ozone is the most effective natural agent against bacteria, viruses and bad smells. Its disinfecting power is higher than even Chlorine, and it’s most effective than the traditional and widespread chemical cleansers.

Auto Sanitation is becoming more prevalent in this current environment, so we have teamed up with First Choice Autos to provide this Certified Sanitation Point in South Dublin.

This Ozone Technology is proven and Certified, to have a 99.6% success rate in killing Bacteria and Viruses, highest in the market.

Hygiene and Sanitising Experts

We bring to you cutting edge products to protect and serve the Irish community both at Home and in work to stay sanitised and hygienic

Our Vision

Our Ozone Generators are widely recommended in the marketplace because of the ‘Safe System’. This device captures any remaining gas at the end of treatment and converts it to oxygen.
All of our machines are equipped with electronic control units. These ensure the production of the correct amount of Ozone to safeguard the people and property.
Care to the environment
We are committed to caring for the environment by using generators which do NOT release any toxic residuals.  Our generators do not use any chemical detergents.

Driving Sanitisation to you

Our On-line Hygiene Store

To complement our Sanitising Generators, you will  find the latest
and best sanitising products for your personal well being and your
living space in our On-line store.

We also have PPE for all, Signage, and the latest Hygiene Technology
available in our store. New products are continually being added as
they become available.

O3 Hygiene Sanitising all your needs